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Kiss the Chef

What would a barbeque party be without the chef’s apron’s one-liner? It’s a tradition almost as old as barbequing it self.

The party host usually does most of the barbequing, so he’d better wear a nice apron. Aprons are worn to protect you from spills or stains. There are hundreds of aprons out there that have jokes on it.

Aside from protecting you from stains, it can also serve as a good conversation starter. Who knows, if you get a « Kiss the Chef » apron, you might get a kiss from yourhouse neighbor.

Caring for your Grill

Conventional wisdom suggests that barbeque grills have to be handled properly. In doing so, three ways are likely manifested to achieve great cooking results. First, remove the charcoal after the grilling is done. Same goes with the ashes and other fuel used to barbeque.

Second, wash the grill with soap and water. It is very important to wipe the grill with cloth to avoid the existence of rusts. Third, the grill must be placed in a safe area. This has to done to prevent accidents from happening and to maintain the wellness of the grill.

Tasty Ribs

Among the meat parts, I enjoy barbequing the ribs. Although the meat in a rib is not as generous as in the other parts, barbequed ribs are still a tasty treat. According to some barbeque experts, the secret to the rib barbeque is the marinade.

Since the meat is thin, the flavor of the marinade easily penetrates; it is good to marinade the meat for long hours before barbequing. Some also chill the marinade ribs to further enhance the flavor. No matter what, the ribs will always be an all time hit when barbeque is being talked about.

Blackened Fish BBQ Recipe

Don’t get startled with the word ‘blackened.’ No, it doesn’t mean you have to burn the your fish recipe. The slightly blackened color of the fish will just indicate that it is ready.

For this bbq recipe, you need fish fillets from redfish, orange roughy or catfish, butter and Cajun seasoning. Prepare the skilleton the grill, make it super hot. Cover fillets in butter by dipping it and put some Cajun seasoning.

If the skillet is extremely hot, melt butter on it, place the fish fillets, and cover the grill. Wait for 4 to 8 minutes and its ready! Slightly blackened but perfectly delicious!

Poultry Rub For your BBQ

To make this delicious poultry rub for your barbeque, you need brown sugar, salt; lemon, white, cayenne, and black pepper, dried marjoram and sage, onion salt, and chili powder. When you have all these ingredients, combine them all in one bowl except for the cornstarch. After this, let it heat and simmer for only a few hours.

While waiting for this, make sure that you stir it regularly so the sugar will not become a crust.
When you’ve finished with this, let it cool. Then, use your fingers to turn into powder form. When it has reached this form, mix the cornstarch. You can use it to cook your favorite barbeque recipes.

Grilled Peaches with Cherry Sauce

Looking for the perfect dessert cap off your BBQ party? Try Grilled Peaches with Cherry Sauce. It’s easy and simple. Just peel some peaches and cut it in half. Make a melted butter and brown sugar mixture. Cover the peaches with the mixture and grill it evenly on medium heat. After 10 to 12 minutes the peaches will be soft and ready.

On a serving glass, layer the peach halves, a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pour some cherry sauce. Tuck a cookie too, to make it more appealing to your guests, although I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

Barbeque Cooking Safety

Having a barbeque picnic is very common in a family. It is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with your families, relatives, and even friends. But when you really think about it, it can also be a somewhat hazardous activity. One reason for this is that you deal with fires.

To prevent someone from getting burned, you should choose a strategic and safe place. Do not put your barbeque grill near fire hazards such as papers, logs, dried leaves, etc. It is always better to use long thongs when turning your food upside down. In this way, your hand is far from the burning hot coals.

Coleman Roadtrip Deluxe Party Grill

Coleman is a household name for durability. Coleman has developed an easy to set-up grill that is portable. It can be used when you are on your camping, fishing trips and other outdoor activities with your family. You can also use it as an extra grill when you cook meat. It has a non-stick grill that is very easy to clean.

Coleman Roadtrip Deluxe Party Grill has a removable grease management drip pan. It also has a rack to place your cooked foods. It’s convenient and because it’s Coleman, it’s durable.

Yummy Chimi Churri Sauce

A barbeque will not taste as good as you imagine if there is no sauce. One of the most famous barbeque sauces is the Chimi Churri. This is made from parsley leaves, garlic cloves, scallions, oregano, pepper, canola oil, black pepper, salt, and vinegar.

To start cooking this yummy sauce, mix all the ingredients together, except pepper and salt. Mix it well until it is already well-blended. However, it is important to notethat you should still retain its texture. When you have done this, you can now add the two remaining ingredients.

Pigtail Food Flipper

Sometimes when you are barbequing, you find yourself struggling to flip that steak or fillet. What you need is a Pigtail Food Flipper. This steel rod has a bent end, like a pig’s tail, that you can use to stick on food and flip it. It will make cooking both sides of your meat much easier.

You won’t have to use thongs that may ruin the look of your food or try to slide your iron spatulas under the food. It will also lessen heat transfer on your skin. It’s very convenient, just stick it and flip!