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Salmon Delight

Yesterday, I went to a club gathering to discuss several key concerns. In the course of the meeting, a paper was distributed asking the participants their lunch preference. I was that hungry and decided to try some fresh seafoods.

I chose to have barbeque and salmon was the best option for me. At first I was dubious to eat fat. However, the smell of salmon barbeque lured me to take a big bite. The taste was really heavenly and I forgot that lunch was over. I asked to wrap the remaining barbeque and I brought it home.

Asian Beef Skewers

If you are planning to invite the new Asian neighbors for a BBQ party,make them feel welcome with this simple Asian Beef Skewers.

You need:
3 tbsp Peking sauce
3 tbsp sherry
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tsp bbq sauce
2 green onions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp minced fresh ginger root
1 1/2 pounds flank steak

First, mix all ingredients except the steak in a bowl. Then slice the steak on a shape where you can put it in a skewer. Marinade the steak on the mixture you’ve made overnight, or if you’re in a hurry, two hours will do. Place the skewered steaks over the heated coals, then grill.

There you have it, Asian Beef Skewers! You can enjoy this even without the neighbors.

World’s Largest Rattlesnake Round-up

I recently discovered something new. In Sweetwater, Texas, residents annually hold the « World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup. » This contest started in 1958 to give farmers an incentive to rid their farms of dangerous rattlesnakes that are diminishing the number of their livestock.

An added attraction to these yearly festivities is its BBQ contest. It is one of the nation’s biggest barbecue contests. This contest, which fanatics consider as a sports event, is held in the 25-acre Newman Park. The public can view this cooking spectacle of 140 teams for free. Just imagining the countless barbeque grillsand the smell of cooked meat makes my mouth water.

BBQ the Right Way

Unlike other methods of cooking, barbeque can be done outdoors. Perhaps this is the very reason why barbeque is preferred when doing outdoor activities. Aside from the freshness, barbeque has a distinct flavor far original than traditional cooking. For starters, there are things that have to be considered when doing barbeque. First, the meat has to be of high quality. Normally, experts suggest soft meat to be used for barbequing. Soft meat helps in the absorption of the marinade, which add flavor to the barbeque. Meat is an important part of having mouth watering barbeque. (Part 1)

Second, the equipments have to be clean. Selecting the best knives and other utensils are also prioritized. In doing barbeque, it is essential to remove the unnecessary stains for the grill to keep the food safe. Washing of the equipments and rubbing oil to the grill helps. Third, the marinade has to be highly considered. In barbeque, the marinade is vital determinant of taste. Basically, the meat has to be totally submerged in the marinade. In this way, the flavor that the marinade has is totally transferred to the meat.

Another use for Beer and its cans

I must admit, this is a weird trick in grilling your chicken. I found out that you can use beer cans in grilling your chicken. Prepare the best rub you could possibly think of.

Then get a can of beer, pour or drink (don’t waste beer) the half of the beer. Place the half-full beer can inside the cavity of a whole chicken. Place it on a medium-heated grill, making sure it’s stable and balanced. After one and a half hour and when the juices clear, it’s cooked!

Wood Burning Smoker

Wood burning smokers use charcoal, wood, or wood pellets to slowly cook a variety of meat. Larger cuts of meat, such as slabs of ribs, briskets, loin roasts or butt and shoulder cuts are ideal in wood smoker. Both beef and pork are popular choices to cook in a wood burning smoker as are whole chickens and turkeys.

It has three parts which are the cooking chamber, the area where the meat to be cooked is place; the firebox, which is the source of heat to cook the meats. It is located to one side or the other of the cooking chamber; the smoke chimney is usually located in the opposite side of the firebox. It is designed to keep the heat temperature and allows the free flow of air that helps keep the fire stoked.

You can save money because you don’t need to buy unlike other cooking materials. This kind of grill is the most affordable one. You can personally make it out of a trash can or a large piece of metal. Unlike other cooking grills, cooking of meat requires time because it is cooked indirectly from heat. Although it is time consuming, the cooked meat is very tender and flavorful one.

BBQ 101: Marinating

Now that summer is already coming, it is time for outdoor activities once again. Some of these are going to the beach, having a picnic, or having a barbeque outside your house. If you are planning to invite your friends or relatives ona barbeque party, you must make sure your food is really delicious.

To make your barbeque juicy and tasty, you should marinade it the proper way. This is a simple process that involves dipping your food barbeque in a sauce for a few hours or days. This allows the taste to enter the core of your food. As such, the taste will still last even when you have already roasted it.

Choosing your Smoker

Smokers are great if you love the taste of smoked meat. I just can’t get enough of it, so I decided to buy my very own smoker. Smokers come in different shapes, sizes and prices. Smokers use different fuels; charcoal, gas, wood or electric. Before buying a smoker, first decide which fuel you prefer because it does affect the taste if your barbecue.

Charcoal and wood smokers give you that authentic barbecue taste. However, it time consuming because you have to tend the fire manually before you can start smoking. If you don’t have the patience, then go with the gas or electric smokers.

A constant concern when purchasing items and appliances is the price of the product. If you’re on a tight budget or a novice in smoking, it is recommended that you go for low costing smokers. Smaller smokers are a good way to start out with, and if you enjoy smoking your favorite cuts of meat you could always buy bigger equipment later, that is if you have the budget. Now if you don’t have financial troubles, then by all means go out and buy the best smoker out there. They may cost up to a thousand dollars but you can smoke a lot of food at the same time.

Yummy Barbecue

Outdoor barbecuing your food means that you will grill the marinated pork, fish, vegetables, etc. on hot coals. For the food to become sweet-smelling, tasty and juicy, your charcoals should have enough heat to roast well . It should not be too hot or too warm, or else the barbeque will not taste great.

When you try to increase the heat of the fire, the tendency is your fire will get big. As such, it is important to have fire extinguisher beside you. When you are already unable to tame the fire, you can spray it with the extinguisher. However, you should only use this as your last resort because yourroasted food will be ruined.

BBQ at its Finest

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