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Hot Off The Grill Tips

Hosting a barbecue party can be fun– if you don’t burn your house down first. Everbody loves barbecue. The smell of cooking meat, all it’s flowing goodness… what’s not to like? Just thinking about all of that now is making me drool. For barbecue aficionados like myself, the most essential thing to know about grilling isn’t choosing the perfect barbecue recipe, but picking out the perfect grill.

How big should the grill be? The grill factor you must take into consideration while contemplating this question is the number of people for whom you would be cooking for. While the bigger the better, you must also think of the price, and the amount of fuel it would consume and whether you have a place for it in your house or out in the yard. Think also of how often you would be using it. If the answer is ‘frequently’, then choose the one which is built to last. Built to last does not necessarily mean that it is the newest grill model out. Sometimes, the more upmarket a product is, the more parts to clean and ergo, the more parts to wear-out and break. Lastly, use the covered one so you can also use it for cooking in low heat.

Blooming Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival

The show went on in the presence of thousands of barbecue fans of the Bloomin’ Barbecue and Bluegrass Festival whilst the terribly bad weather. Residents as well as tourists rushed to Sevierville, Tennessee for some fun and frolicking. The festival was true to its name as barbecue cooking contests were held in different categories. Teams from all over the country, all experts in barbecue cooking, rallied in cooking the best chicken, pork, brisket, ribs, sausages as well as desserts. Meanwhile, others enjoyed the abundant food served in food booths and delighted in the other fun activities that make the festival famous in Tennessee. I, for one, could not have cared less; as long as there are lots of food to grab and take hold of, the gathering could have been the best party ever!

While barbecue cooking may be the highlight of the festival, there are also other competitions that locals got engaged in. The festival displayed new talents in the Mountain Soul Vocal Competition. Contenders from all over sang their lungs out to the delight of the audience. Although the festival is still young, the recent one is its second year, the festival organizers namely the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce expects that the festival will grow each year as more and more people come to join the fun.

Spicy French Barbecue Ribs

Customize Your Grilling Machines With Austin

I’ve read something wonderful this morning. Our favorite barbecue is considered as comfort food by many dietitians, health care providers, and some culinary experts. I agree with them wholeheartedly. Whenever I eat grilled ribs, I feel like all my worries are ebbing away. This is because my brain focuses on the taste of the food and not on my office maladies.

But not all barbecues give that comforting feeling. I’m speaking here of foul-smelling and evil-tasting grilled meat. But don’t worry, such nasty things can only happen to our food when we use a low-quality smoker or barbecue pit. I suggest you buy a grilling machine that is out of the ordinary just like the Rotisserie BBQ Smokers by Austin National. This machine allows a cook to use either wood, charcoal, and water for grilling. The pit is so user-friendly that makes controlling the smoke and heat a no-brainer. It is packaged with a collection of dampers in its smokestack and is painted with acrylics that can stand the heat. I like the doors because they’re so wide that makes cleaning the firebox a breeze. If you’re interested in buying your own customized smoker, you can contact the company at their phone number:(317) 714-1679 or

Hot and Spicy Baby Back Ribs

Barbecue is quite a controversial dish. And why not, it has had millions of followers around the world, all devoted to barbecue. They worship it, give honor to it and even establish festivals and fiestas in commemoration of their one and only favorite barbecue. Barbecue has come a long way. Recipes have also been concocted and cookouts have been made more fun. Ribs have always been a staple meat in any barbecue recipe. Here’s one that can go from a simple cookout with the family to a grandiose party with friends: the Hot ‘n Spicy Baby Back Ribs. You will need

7 pound Beef back ribs
3/4 cup Water, divided
1 cup Ketchup
2 tablespoons Lemon juice
1 teaspoon Ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon Hot pepper sauce
1/2 To 1 – teaspoon crushed red-pepper

Place each slab of ribs, meat side down, in center of double thick rectangle of heavy aluminum foil. Sprinkle 2 Tbsp water over rib bones. To form packets, bring 2 opposite sides of foil together over top of ribs. Fold edges over 3 to 4 times, pressing crease in tightly each time. (Allow some air space. )Flatten foil at 1 end, crease to form triangle and fold over several times toward package, pressing tightly to seal. Repeat procedure on other end. Place packets on grid directly over low to medium coals. Place cover on cooker; cook 1 1/2 hours, turning packets every 1/2 hour. Meanwhile, combine ketchup, remaining 1/2 cup water, lemon juice, cinnamon, hot pepper sauce and crushed red pepper in small saucepan. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and cook slowly 10 to 12 minutes. Remove ribs from foil packets. Place on grid over medium coals; broil 30 to 40 minutes, turning and brushing with sauce, occasionally. Serve remaining sauce with ribs.

Wood Sizes

Barbecue has become more than just a style of cooking, it has become an art. Even choosing the accessories, grills and smokers have to follow certain guidelines in order to make the tastiest barbecue there is. Choosing the best wood for cooking barbecue has troubled master barbeque chefs. Of course, they know more than we do. But here are tips that have been tested and proven throughout the years, and their not from master chefs but at least from people who love to barbeque.

If we choose the best premium cuts for our meats than wood should also be chosen with care. There are many available wood and types of wood which may have varying results on the meat that is cooked. When you are using a smoker, always use full-length wood that can exactly fit the smoker’s pit. Two or three pieces of wood can cook meat in a more desirable way and the heat achieved can cook the meat well without burning it. If you’re using a larger grill, you should likewise use full-length wood to fit the pit. Allow the wood to turn into a bed of nicely burning coal, this way the meat can be cooked better making it crispier and juicier. Use smaller-sized wood in smaller smokers or grills. Like I mentioned above, wait till the wood burns to a good bed of charcoal. Just have enough wood because the cooking can take quite long.

Lighting Up Your Grill

I’m pretty sure you’re getting tired reading the same old introduction to our barbecue blog articles. But here’s one that will catch your attention: BARBECUING IS JUST LIKE AN EXTREME SPORT! Skydiving is the sauce, snowboarding is the meat, and bunjee jumping is the grill. Just think of it that way, please. These sports can really take you to higher heights, literally, and so is barbecue.

Now let me go straight to my discussion. Since the title says “Lighting Up Your Grill” then you can probably guess that I am referring to the method of producing fire on your grill with care. Since BBQ grills are a big part of barbecues, we might as well put some focus on it.

It is important to open the hood when lighting your grill, otherwise, you might end up ruining your almost-perfect family cook-out. When the flames start to fire up, take a bit of caution, unless you want to look funny in front of your guests. But if it doesn’t, turn the gas off completely while letting the gas dissipate. Then try your luck again. Don’t be a primitive cave man, so use a lighter to light up the grill. That way, you can save yourself from a day’s stay at the hospital.

BBQ Troubleshooting

The term « troubleshooting » is usually associated with computer or highly technical problems. But who says it can’t be applied to BBQ? Of course, there are several BBQ troubleshooting tips, which you should know in order to ensure your safety and to properly cook your food. When you are preparing for BBQ, it’s not only enough to focus on the tasty recipe. You should also check whether the facility such as the burner is in a perfect condition for grilling.

There are times when the burner does not light. In such cases, you can check whether the cables are properly connected. Moreover, it may also happen that some parts are broken or are dirty. It is very important then to ensure that the burner is cleaned before and after grilling food. What if the burner lights, but only produces minimal heat? In this case, you need to check whether the main injector of on the gas control is not filled with grease or dirt. Often many burner troubles originate from dirt and grease accumulated. Of course there are many other tips about burner troubleshooting. The important thing you must remember is to check and ensure that the gas burner is properly functioning. Otherwise, you’ll get yourself grilled too.

Carcinogen Sauces And Commercials

My friend Gemma goes to a barbecue store that has a TV mounted on the wall just beside the door. She comes home talking about carcinogen-causing cancer found in grilled meat. Apparently, she saw a documentary on Discovery Channel while the shop assistant packed barbecue sauces that she ordered. Thanks to Gemma, I linked barbecue sauces with cancer that I never marinated my barbecues anymore.

I went to my favorite barbecue shop this month, after five long years, and I was delighted when I saw a high definition TV mounted on the shop’s wall. A commercial about cancers was aired and the pit BBQ smoker called Andy’s, which claimed to be the best way to get a healthy grill. « You can regulate the heat and smoke to make sure you’ll have the perfect barbecue without the charcoals. It also has large doors made of glass for comfortable cleaning and access to the firebox. » explained the commercial, and at the same time not explaining anything.

But there’s really nothing to worry about getting cancer from barbecue because according to Gemma, overly grilled meat (see: burnt) can cause the carcinogens. Thus, you have to make sure you just grill them under the right amount of heat and smoke. And Gemma, by the way, is a physician who deals with women suffering breast cancers.

Best Rub for Ribs

Barbecue ribs are not only savory dishes its more of an art form. Recipes of this type make use of different ingredients and cooking techniques just like art is the fusion of many elements. We’ve got the Memphis style, Kansas style, California style and so on. The most distinctive part of a barbecue rib recipe is the rub used to season the barbecue. One can go for a sweet rub, or spicy rub, anything that suits your palate. Choosing which rub to use to spread to your ribs might seem like an obstinate task but for someone who loves barbecue it might be a fun experiment to do just don’t bloat yourself.

Take into consideration the flavor of rub that your family has got used to. Or if you’re still not sure try using simple ingredients or spices, turn them into your own barbecue rub version and each time you feel like barbecuing add another ingredient in the list until you perfect you creation. You might find a dozen of rubs in the supermarket but nothing beats home-style rubs. Remember that the best rubs is the world are the rubs that you make yourself, whether it may be wet or dry. Rib barbecue is twice exciting when used with a rub that exudes just the right flavor, not too sweet and not too spicy.