BBQ roasted lamb for easter


What are your plans for your 2012′s easter menu? What about a delicious roast leg of lamb directly from your BBQ to launch for the season?

Here you go! Try this recipe of a marinated leg of lamb and make your Easter menu a delight for the whole family!


- 1 nice leg of lamb

- 3 lemons

- olive oil

- herbs: parsley, garlic, red onion, thyme, rosemary, pepper and salt



  • The day before, mix the juices of the 3 lemons, olive oil (quite a bit as you’ll have to baste the lamb with the mix), chopped herbs and garlic and red onion cut into 4.
  • Leave the leg of lamb overnight in this mix, turning it over from time to time (no need to wake up in the middle of the night though!!) so the lamb gets the smell and taste of all the herbs.
  • 1 h before serving, grill all sides of your leg of lamb until it’s nice and brown.
  • Wrap your leg of lamb in silver foil, spreading around it a good amount of the marinade.
  • Put the BBQ grid up to the maximum and leave your lamb to roast for about 1h or until nice and pink on the inside, turning it from time to time.


Done! You can enjoy your Easter meal roast leg of lamb with BBQ roast potatoes and green beans to make this meal delicious as well as healthy!





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