BBQ Troubleshooting

The term « troubleshooting » is usually associated with computer or highly technical problems. But who says it can’t be applied to BBQ? Of course, there are several BBQ troubleshooting tips, which you should know in order to ensure your safety and to properly cook your food. When you are preparing for BBQ, it’s not only enough to focus on the tasty recipe. You should also check whether the facility such as the burner is in a perfect condition for grilling.

There are times when the burner does not light. In such cases, you can check whether the cables are properly connected. Moreover, it may also happen that some parts are broken or are dirty. It is very important then to ensure that the burner is cleaned before and after grilling food. What if the burner lights, but only produces minimal heat? In this case, you need to check whether the main injector of on the gas control is not filled with grease or dirt. Often many burner troubles originate from dirt and grease accumulated. Of course there are many other tips about burner troubleshooting. The important thing you must remember is to check and ensure that the gas burner is properly functioning. Otherwise, you’ll get yourself grilled too.

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