Best Rub for Ribs

Barbecue ribs are not only savory dishes its more of an art form. Recipes of this type make use of different ingredients and cooking techniques just like art is the fusion of many elements. We’ve got the Memphis style, Kansas style, California style and so on. The most distinctive part of a barbecue rib recipe is the rub used to season the barbecue. One can go for a sweet rub, or spicy rub, anything that suits your palate. Choosing which rub to use to spread to your ribs might seem like an obstinate task but for someone who loves barbecue it might be a fun experiment to do just don’t bloat yourself.

Take into consideration the flavor of rub that your family has got used to. Or if you’re still not sure try using simple ingredients or spices, turn them into your own barbecue rub version and each time you feel like barbecuing add another ingredient in the list until you perfect you creation. You might find a dozen of rubs in the supermarket but nothing beats home-style rubs. Remember that the best rubs is the world are the rubs that you make yourself, whether it may be wet or dry. Rib barbecue is twice exciting when used with a rub that exudes just the right flavor, not too sweet and not too spicy.

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