Boys Burned By Barbecue

While barbecue may sound like a fun activity, it’s not free from perils. A family can delight having a barbecue party in their own backyard complete with all the materials and accessories to make for a perfect summer bonding activity, but that doesn’t guarantee any untoward incident from happening, especially when there are toddlers playing around.

Two brothers from Southampton in the UK got serious burns on their bodies after the barbecue exploded. Apparently, petrol was used to light up the fire but due tolack of care, flames started to explode from the barbecue grill. A 13-year-old boy and his 6-year-old brother were rushed for the hospital for burns on their faces, arms, legs, and body. The accident also affected a man who was trying to put off the flames, while another boy got slight burns in his neck. They were all rushed to the hospital for treatment.

What does this event teaches us? Barbecue is best done safely and far from any accidents. Do not used petrol when lighting up your charcoals or wood. And most importantly, keep children away from the barbecue or else they will suffer the same fate as these two boys.

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