C the Barbecue this Summer

I don’t know what the deal is with summer but ironically, people are going out of their houses to escape the inside heat. Then, they do the barbecue in the backyard, which is not exactly the best way to cool yourself. I can understand it when they want to make lemonade or other cold fruit beverages on their lawn, but barbecue?

Oh, well. Culture and tradition have its peculiarities. Still, I find many people who are actually doing the barbecue quite forgetful of some basic things. Ever heard of clean hands and utensils, not to mention grills? That’s why I think it’s just fitting to apply the 4 C’s I have come across on before. 4 C’s simple stand for Clean, Cook, Cover, and Chill.

As with any other food preparation, make sure that hands and items used in barbecue are Clean. To Cook, all meat juices should have been clear. No pink flesh or semi-cooked food, hear? This is not an Asian delicacy, you know. The Cover and Chill parts refer to the post-barbecuing period and who says people are too full to do some covering and chilling? Leftovers should be kept aside in the ref, covered and chilled, and the same procedure goes for raw, uncooked meat. Got the 4 C’s? Good. After all, I don’t think we want to be all excited about barbecue and then suffer the risks of unsafe barbecuing.

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