Carcinogen Sauces And Commercials

My friend Gemma goes to a barbecue store that has a TV mounted on the wall just beside the door. She comes home talking about carcinogen-causing cancer found in grilled meat. Apparently, she saw a documentary on Discovery Channel while the shop assistant packed barbecue sauces that she ordered. Thanks to Gemma, I linked barbecue sauces with cancer that I never marinated my barbecues anymore.

I went to my favorite barbecue shop this month, after five long years, and I was delighted when I saw a high definition TV mounted on the shop’s wall. A commercial about cancers was aired and the pit BBQ smoker called Andy’s, which claimed to be the best way to get a healthy grill. « You can regulate the heat and smoke to make sure you’ll have the perfect barbecue without the charcoals. It also has large doors made of glass for comfortable cleaning and access to the firebox. » explained the commercial, and at the same time not explaining anything.

But there’s really nothing to worry about getting cancer from barbecue because according to Gemma, overly grilled meat (see: burnt) can cause the carcinogens. Thus, you have to make sure you just grill them under the right amount of heat and smoke. And Gemma, by the way, is a physician who deals with women suffering breast cancers.

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