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Wood Sizes

Barbecue has become more than just a style of cooking, it has become an art. Even choosing the accessories, grills and smokers have to follow certain guidelines in order to make the tastiest barbecue there is. Choosing the best wood for cooking barbecue has troubled master barbeque chefs. Of course, they know more than we do. But here are tips that have been tested and proven throughout the years, and their not from master chefs but at least from people who love to barbeque.

If we choose the best premium cuts for our meats than wood should also be chosen with care. There are many available wood and types of wood which may have varying results on the meat that is cooked. When you are using a smoker, always use full-length wood that can exactly fit the smoker’s pit. Two or three pieces of wood can cook meat in a more desirable way and the heat achieved can cook the meat well without burning it. If you’re using a larger grill, you should likewise use full-length wood to fit the pit. Allow the wood to turn into a bed of nicely burning coal, this way the meat can be cooked better making it crispier and juicier. Use smaller-sized wood in smaller smokers or grills. Like I mentioned above, wait till the wood burns to a good bed of charcoal. Just have enough wood because the cooking can take quite long.

Shopping for the Perfect BBQ Accessory

Barbeque parties and BBQ dishes are getting more popular nowadays. Grilled recipes are simply superb. Yet it is not so much the rich and tasty food that attracts people especially families, but rather it is the entire barbeque experience, which is more important. For, BBQ parties are a perfect time for family bonding.

If you want to spend a great time with your family, you should try BBQ parties more often. Of course, you need to have all the necessary accessories in order to fully enjoy the activity. There are 5 things you need to consider before buying a BBQ.

First is cooking surface’s size and quality. Choose the number of burners depending on your family needs. Moreover, opt for a quality iron surface. Second is choosing between a portable or a built in BBQ. A portable BBQ is perfect for family picnics while a built-in is suitable for business. Third is buying right grills, hot plates, and baking dishes. Fourth is the flame tamer or the rock. The flame tamer is made of cast iron or metal while the rock is usually the ceramic type. Fifth is choosing between a bottled or a natural gas burner.

Seasoning Injector

Yeah, an injector for barbeque sauce may seem quite odd, and you would not probably use it in your recipes. But, I am also sure that you would not want your barbeque to be all dried up. As we grill our food, it naturally releases oils and juices that literally drip on to the charcoal or evaporate in the air. We can do something about that by injecting the food enough fluid so it will not completely dry.

When I said fluid, I meant flavoring. We usually marinate the food before cooking it or if we are in a hurry, we prepare barbeque sauce and brush it on the meat. Though these are pretty good ideas, most of the time, the flavor is not absorbed entirely by the food. The food ends up salty on the outside and tasteless on the inside.

The seasoning injector will enable us to directly put flavorings in the meat so it will immediately contain and absorb the marinade or meat sauce. While cooking, as the natural process of releasing juices and flavors occurs, the meat still has enough stock of fluid, thus sealing the flavor. The injector is strong enough to last for years. It works just like any ordinary syringes.

See Beyond The Smoke

I really find it difficult grilling my favorite barbeque recipes when the smoke gets in my eyes. I would rub my eyes, and later I find my self crying over the painful irritation the smoke caused my sight. The smoke turns wherever direction the wind pushes it, so unless I stand opposite its path I cannot fight it back. But, lately my father bought specially crafted glasses for grilling.

He called it the smoke-free glasses. Unlike ordinary glasses, this one protects and seals the eyes from smoke. It is made of plastic, and is so light one would not even notice wearing it while grilling.

The lenses of the glasses have specially-shaped foams that fit and enclose the surrounding eye areas. The design also helps prevent sweat falling from the forehead to the eyes. The person wearing would notice that the glasses only reveal the eyes. It is mainly designed for protection and convenience. The glasses help grillers clearly see the food while cooking. Using this type of glasses will not only safeguard the eyes, but prevent food from getting burned because grillers can freely stay beside the barbeque grill to flip the food without getting irritated by the smoke.

BBQ Party and Beers

Barbecuing is one of the several activities that families engage in to bond with each other. Barbecuing may be done whether or not there is a special occasion. I guess, one can say that making barbecues is one of the few household chores that men are sincerely very willing to make in the house. Surely, barbecuing canease one’s mind from stress.

One can say that making barbecues does require some skill. If one is not careful, the barbecues can all end up getting burned. Now that is definitely not a pleasant sight. Making excellent barbecues is reason enough for a celebration. You can see families in movies, as well as in real life, holding beer mugs during a barbecue experience.

My friends gave me a set of beer mugs that I and the boys use, especially during barbecue parties. The beer mugs that she made were absolutely gorgeous. They were very light. Also, it seems to me that the mugs are unbreakable. Some of the mugs that my friend gave fell a couple of times on the concrete. Yet, the mugs don’t have cracks in them. I suggest using beer mugs during barbecue parties so to ensure that glassware aren’t destroyed in case things go rough.

Kiss the Chef

What would a barbeque party be without the chef’s apron’s one-liner? It’s a tradition almost as old as barbequing it self.

The party host usually does most of the barbequing, so he’d better wear a nice apron. Aprons are worn to protect you from spills or stains. There are hundreds of aprons out there that have jokes on it.

Aside from protecting you from stains, it can also serve as a good conversation starter. Who knows, if you get a « Kiss the Chef » apron, you might get a kiss from yourhouse neighbor.

Pigtail Food Flipper

Sometimes when you are barbequing, you find yourself struggling to flip that steak or fillet. What you need is a Pigtail Food Flipper. This steel rod has a bent end, like a pig’s tail, that you can use to stick on food and flip it. It will make cooking both sides of your meat much easier.

You won’t have to use thongs that may ruin the look of your food or try to slide your iron spatulas under the food. It will also lessen heat transfer on your skin. It’s very convenient, just stick it and flip!

Home Style Grill

For families, nothing is better than a Sunday morning at the park with some juicy and delicious barbeque for lunch. If barbeques are famous, then a grill is not a stranger. Usually, families do set up their own grill. Made from metal, grills are specially made to cook the barbeque.

Also, quality grills spreads the heat to avoid uneven cooking of barbeque. Moreover, grills do have safety features to prevent untoward accidents. Indeed, grills and barbeque go hand in hand.