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Grill Cleaning Time

Is cleaning your barbecue grill more of a torture than a routine? Then you’ve got to listen to this. When cooking with your grill, don’t let the cooking residue burn inside your grill. Every time you use it without cleaning the residue, you’ll spend a lot of time and effort to scrub it off the next time you clean it. But if you have to do it, use a wire grill brush and use warm soapy water with that. Clean the inside and the outside as well. After scrubbing with the brush, use a dish cloth or a sponge to polish the grill. If the grill is porcelain, then better use a steel wool instead of a wire brush.

Likewise, you have to clean the exterior surfaces like the endcaps and the cookbox. Like the interior parts, you should also remove the drippings and other residue as soon as you’re done with cooking. Use a mild soapy water and sponge to clean these parts. Don’t use lemon-based cleaners as they can ruin the paint finish of your grill. If you feel that the paint is worn out, then retouch it using a high-resistant barbecue paint. After all, you would not want your grilled meat to taste like soap or paint, right?

Hot Off The Grill Tips

Hosting a barbecue party can be fun– if you don’t burn your house down first. Everbody loves barbecue. The smell of cooking meat, all it’s flowing goodness… what’s not to like? Just thinking about all of that now is making me drool. For barbecue aficionados like myself, the most essential thing to know about grilling isn’t choosing the perfect barbecue recipe, but picking out the perfect grill.

How big should the grill be? The grill factor you must take into consideration while contemplating this question is the number of people for whom you would be cooking for. While the bigger the better, you must also think of the price, and the amount of fuel it would consume and whether you have a place for it in your house or out in the yard. Think also of how often you would be using it. If the answer is ‘frequently’, then choose the one which is built to last. Built to last does not necessarily mean that it is the newest grill model out. Sometimes, the more upmarket a product is, the more parts to clean and ergo, the more parts to wear-out and break. Lastly, use the covered one so you can also use it for cooking in low heat.

Lighting Up Your Grill

I’m pretty sure you’re getting tired reading the same old introduction to our barbecue blog articles. But here’s one that will catch your attention: BARBECUING IS JUST LIKE AN EXTREME SPORT! Skydiving is the sauce, snowboarding is the meat, and bunjee jumping is the grill. Just think of it that way, please. These sports can really take you to higher heights, literally, and so is barbecue.

Now let me go straight to my discussion. Since the title says “Lighting Up Your Grill” then you can probably guess that I am referring to the method of producing fire on your grill with care. Since BBQ grills are a big part of barbecues, we might as well put some focus on it.

It is important to open the hood when lighting your grill, otherwise, you might end up ruining your almost-perfect family cook-out. When the flames start to fire up, take a bit of caution, unless you want to look funny in front of your guests. But if it doesn’t, turn the gas off completely while letting the gas dissipate. Then try your luck again. Don’t be a primitive cave man, so use a lighter to light up the grill. That way, you can save yourself from a day’s stay at the hospital.

Portable Barbeque Grill

Good news to barbeque lovers! There is a new barbeque grill available in the market that promises total convenience and a safe grilling. It is called the Q BBQ portable grill. It is compact, and, as the name implies, handy. In other words, you can use it either for indoor or outdoor grilling. The design for Q BBQ was created by experts who considered not only the function of the grill, but the fashionable appearance as well.

The Q BBQ utilizes propane receptacle, which is readily available anywhere, that neatly fits the interior of the grill. The gas in the tank enables you to cook for hours. For safety, the grill features controls for gas and temperature adjusters so you will have no problems controlling the flame and prevent burning the food. The Q BBQ has a wide surface, which is non-stick, which measures two hundred sixty two square inches. At the same time, the grills are safe for dishwashing.

The Q BBQ is truly handy, and weighs only six kilos. The body of the grill is made from durable, but light steel. It also includes a battery operated light, which lets you cook even when night.

Grilled Chicken with Mango Habanero Glaze

Perhaps you are tired with the usual cook of your chicken at home. If you want a new delicious chicken recipe, here is Grilled Chicken with Mango Habanero Glaze.

1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 of ripe mango, chopped
1/2 tsp. grated or ground ginger
1/2 minced habanero pepper
1 tsp. cider vinegar
2 tsps. dark rum
1/4-1/2 orange
4 skinless boneless breast of chicken halves

1. To prepare the glaze put the first 5 ingredients in a saucepan.
2. Heat on a medium fire and frequently stir and mash the mango. Wait until all the ingredients mixed and start boiling.
3. Lower the fire, and cook for at least 10 minutes while occasionally stirring.
4. Squeeze 1 tablespoon of orange juice.
5. Add the rum with the orange juice to the sugar or the mixture of mango.
6. Stir and let it boil for at least 3 minutes.
7. Set the mixture aside to cool then refrigerate.
8. Put salt to the chicken and grill while basting it with glaze.
9. Put it in a plate and garnish with the chopped cilantro.

This is a perfect recipe for those who love spicy and sweet food. But if you prefer it not to be very spicy limit your basting with glaze or use pepper that is milder.

Outdoor Grilling Safety

Summer time is here! The weather is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with barbecues and buffets. Have you ever considered cooking you favorite barbeque recipes right in the comfort of your own backyard? Outdoor grilling can be fun especially if the whole family participates in cooking. However, without the necessary precautions, accidents might happen. Children, most especially, are apt to getting burned. At the same time, adults find it difficult to control the fire while grilling.

Safety matters for a delightful outdoor grilling experience. We should not take things for granted as if having fun is the same as carelessness. We could start by cleaning and checking the grills before the first barbecue to make sure that they have no traces of rust that may harm the food we cook. Secondly, we have to secure the spot where we are to place the grill — it should not stand near the house to prevent contact to the walls that may cause fire accidents. At the same time, do not proceed in grilling if the wind blows hard for this will interfere in our controlling the charcoal fire. When it comes to charcoals, it is not advisable to put fluid or any flammable liquid on it just to set the fire higher. Lastly, after grilling, extinguish coals properly by pouring enough water on it.

Try The Grilled Swordfish Steaks With Aioli Saue

Are you planning for a beach party this summer? Get ready with your swim wear, swim gears, swim delights, and your barbeque grill! Yes, it is best to spend your vacation in water with barbeque recipes. You and your group will enjoy the taste of a barbeque while drinking a bottle of soda. For many, going to the beach will not be complete without the smoke coming from a barbeque grill. Would you like to try a delicious grilled swordfish for your beach holiday? It’s so easy to prepare.

In preparing your swordfish, you will need:

4 8 oz Swordfish Steaks
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

For your Aioli Sauce, the ingredients you should prepare are:

1 Egg yolk
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon of mustard
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon of rice vinegar
1/2 cup of vegetable oil

This how you will do it.

First, prepare the swordfish by seasoning it with salt, pepper, and brush with olive oil. Put in grill on high temperature. While grilling your swordfish, you may prepare the aioli sauce. Combine the rest of ingredients in the bowl, and whisk in vegetable oil slowly until becomes thick. If the swordfish is ready for serving, top the grilled fish with a spoonful of the aioli sauce. For more exciting taste, serve it with tomato salad and garlic crostini. A mouth-watery beach experience, isn’t it?

Go Anywhere with Weber Charcoal Grill

The backyard isn’t the only place where people could grill their meat. If you’re going out camping, it’s a good idea to bring a portable grill with you so you could cook your food and not just settle on canned food products. If you’re going on a picnic with your family or friends, bringing a grill is also a great idea. If you love cooking outdoors, then you’d want to get a hold of a portable grill. Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill lives up to its name. This portable grill is compact, convenient and I guarantee that you won’t have any trouble carrying it with you on a camping trip.

The Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill was engineered to save space and is ideal for picnics, the Big Game, or wherever you want to pitch your tent. The great thing about this grill is that it saves a lot of cooking time. It heats up quickly but cools down easily so you won’t have to wait for a long time to pack your grill and be on your way. This porcelain-enameled grill features push-button lighting so you don’t have to cook in the dark and comes with a cookbook.

Caring for your Grill

Conventional wisdom suggests that barbeque grills have to be handled properly. In doing so, three ways are likely manifested to achieve great cooking results. First, remove the charcoal after the grilling is done. Same goes with the ashes and other fuel used to barbeque.

Second, wash the grill with soap and water. It is very important to wipe the grill with cloth to avoid the existence of rusts. Third, the grill must be placed in a safe area. This has to done to prevent accidents from happening and to maintain the wellness of the grill.

Coleman Roadtrip Deluxe Party Grill

Coleman is a household name for durability. Coleman has developed an easy to set-up grill that is portable. It can be used when you are on your camping, fishing trips and other outdoor activities with your family. You can also use it as an extra grill when you cook meat. It has a non-stick grill that is very easy to clean.

Coleman Roadtrip Deluxe Party Grill has a removable grease management drip pan. It also has a rack to place your cooked foods. It’s convenient and because it’s Coleman, it’s durable.