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Healthy Barbeques

Did you know that grilling meat is older than the oldest civilization in history? That’s right, barbeque has really come along way from the primitive to the modern world. Although times have changed, barbeque remains a constant favorite for people who love doing outdoor cooking. But for health concerns, eating barbecue has been limited to grilling vegetable kebabs that are just boring. But since meat barbecue has been studied to emit cancer-causing substances known as carcinogens (read my article on Barbecue and Your Health), master chefs and even nutritionists have found a way to pig out on barbecue while not at risk for cancer.

The best thing about barbecue is you can try on experimenting your own recipe, use your own ingredients and sauces and still come up with that signature barbecue taste. I think it has something to do with the charcoal grill. Anyways, barbecue now is limitless. You can use tomatoes, aubergine, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, bell pepper, anything as long as its edible. Put these treats in a skewer, brush in some oil and grill. Barbecue is best eaten with side dishes such as coleslaw, green or potato salad. But if you can’t totally get rid of meat, then indulge on it once in a while.

A Healthy Barbeque Party

Summer season is never complete without outdoor parties. Families and friends spend time together at their backyards and gardens doing all sorts of fun activities. They swim, play, and of course enjoy food delights. One of the things families don’t miss especially during summer is a barbeque party.

Barbeque parties are fun and a perfect time for family bonding. Besides, the tasty grilled recipes are very appealing during these times. Since many Americans will be going out of their homes for the summer season, here are a few tips for a safe and healthy barbeque party.

First, defrost the meat completely for better grilling. Second, remember to store marinated meet in the refrigerator and avoid using the marinade used for raw meat without cooking it. Third, see to it that all the utensils you will be using are clean and thoroughly washed. Fourth, grill the meat well making sure that it is safe to eat. Fifth, the grilled food must be served cleanly or kept in clean containers. By following these simple rules, not only will you have fun, but you will also be assured that the entire barbeque party especially the food is safe and healthy.

Make a Fire without Using Lighter Fluid

The hardest part in roasting and barbecue is how to create a fire. You may have the best cuts of meats and the finest barbecue equipments, but without the fire, you’ve practically got nothing. The most obvious and commonly used solution to starting a fire is by using lighter fluid. Although it is quite effective, the fumes of the lighter fluid can ruin the taste of your food and might have health hazards as well. You might think that without the lighter fluid, building a fire would become a tedious and hard task, but you’re wrong. There are a few things that you can do to make a lighter fluid-free fire.

The first thing you have to do is gather all the old newspapers you no longer need; they will serve as the kindling to your fire. Roll the 2 papers in to tubes and mold it into a shape that resembles a donut. Place on paper over the other and place it in your chimney starter. Put the charcoals inside the chimney starter and light the papers in several places and in about 10 minutes, your charcoal should be ready. Just move the burnt charcoals in your barbecue grill and start roasting your burgers. Afterwards, you can have a great barbecue party.

Rotisserie Cooking

Rotisserie cooking is said to be the earliest cooking method know to man. It is commonly referred to as “spit roasting” because the meat is skewered in metal bars known as “spits.” This type of grilling involves rotating the spit while the meat is exposed to a heat source. Generally, the rotation of the skewer is supposed to be slow paced to ensure that the surface of the meat is cooked properly and allows the meat to baste on its own juices. This is a great way to cook your meat because it produces a crispy crust and absorb that smoked flavor.

To get started on rotisserie cooking, you must first gather the necessary equipment that will provide optimum roasting. Different grills have particular attachments so you better get a spit that is compatible to your grill. Although it seems a good idea at first glance, putting a hot fire under your food is not the way to go. The items for rotisserie cooking are generally large so your food will get close to the fire. To avoid ugly flare-ups, place a drip pan underneath the food. Use a meat thermometer to determine the cooking time.

Barbeque Cooking Safety

Having a barbeque picnic is very common in a family. It is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with your families, relatives, and even friends. But when you really think about it, it can also be a somewhat hazardous activity. One reason for this is that you deal with fires.

To prevent someone from getting burned, you should choose a strategic and safe place. Do not put your barbeque grill near fire hazards such as papers, logs, dried leaves, etc. It is always better to use long thongs when turning your food upside down. In this way, your hand is far from the burning hot coals.

BBQ the Right Way

Unlike other methods of cooking, barbeque can be done outdoors. Perhaps this is the very reason why barbeque is preferred when doing outdoor activities. Aside from the freshness, barbeque has a distinct flavor far original than traditional cooking. For starters, there are things that have to be considered when doing barbeque. First, the meat has to be of high quality. Normally, experts suggest soft meat to be used for barbequing. Soft meat helps in the absorption of the marinade, which add flavor to the barbeque. Meat is an important part of having mouth watering barbeque. (Part 1)

Second, the equipments have to be clean. Selecting the best knives and other utensils are also prioritized. In doing barbeque, it is essential to remove the unnecessary stains for the grill to keep the food safe. Washing of the equipments and rubbing oil to the grill helps. Third, the marinade has to be highly considered. In barbeque, the marinade is vital determinant of taste. Basically, the meat has to be totally submerged in the marinade. In this way, the flavor that the marinade has is totally transferred to the meat.

Another use for Beer and its cans

I must admit, this is a weird trick in grilling your chicken. I found out that you can use beer cans in grilling your chicken. Prepare the best rub you could possibly think of.

Then get a can of beer, pour or drink (don’t waste beer) the half of the beer. Place the half-full beer can inside the cavity of a whole chicken. Place it on a medium-heated grill, making sure it’s stable and balanced. After one and a half hour and when the juices clear, it’s cooked!

BBQ 101: Marinating

Now that summer is already coming, it is time for outdoor activities once again. Some of these are going to the beach, having a picnic, or having a barbeque outside your house. If you are planning to invite your friends or relatives ona barbeque party, you must make sure your food is really delicious.

To make your barbeque juicy and tasty, you should marinade it the proper way. This is a simple process that involves dipping your food barbeque in a sauce for a few hours or days. This allows the taste to enter the core of your food. As such, the taste will still last even when you have already roasted it.

Yummy Barbecue

Outdoor barbecuing your food means that you will grill the marinated pork, fish, vegetables, etc. on hot coals. For the food to become sweet-smelling, tasty and juicy, your charcoals should have enough heat to roast well . It should not be too hot or too warm, or else the barbeque will not taste great.

When you try to increase the heat of the fire, the tendency is your fire will get big. As such, it is important to have fire extinguisher beside you. When you are already unable to tame the fire, you can spray it with the extinguisher. However, you should only use this as your last resort because yourroasted food will be ruined.

Not only for the Food

Oil is very useful in grilling barbecue. The oldest and most known trick in cooking barbecue is to brush some oil on your grill so the food won’t stick on your grill and you can have a very palatable presentation for your guests. Oil is also used to add flavor to your barbecue. Brushing flavored oil to the food you are grilling will make it cook easier and give it more zest.

Another thing you can do with cooking oil is to pour it in charcoal while you’re trying to build fire or heat. It will make the spread of heat in the charcoals a little faster. Try using ‘used’ oil for this trick so that you can keep the good oil for flavoring.