Filipino Style BBQ

Filipinos are known for their famous barbecue grilled meat that they usually serve during their beer or « inuman » sessions. barbecue in the Philippines is a popular and tasty street food that usually goes with a spicy vinegar sauce. Also, restaurants in the said country also serve different grilled barbecue versions that foreigners and tourists usually crave for. Meanwhile, Filipinos also prepare special home made barbecues that is so easy to prepare. Here’s how.

Filipino’s grilled pork barbecue is usually marinated with special concoctions, then grilled over live coals and served with « achara ». First, one needs to wash the bamboo skewers and soak them for 30 minutes before using, so it won’t burn. Then, cut the pork or meat in 1/4 to 2×3 pieces. After which, place them in a clean bowl. Mix soy sauce, minced garlic, onion, catchup, pepper, and sugar to make a thick barbecue sauce, then pour or mix the pork. Using both hand, soak the pork thoroughly into the marinate sauce. Cover the bowl and leave it for an hour. Afterwards, drain the skewers and wrap them in a kitchen cloth to dry. Thread the pork pieces for at least four to five pieces per skewer. Do not rid of the marinade since it is still needed for basting the grilled pork. To test if the pork barbecue is done, cut a slice of the pork, and if the juice runs clearly at the skewer’s middle, then the grilled pork barbecue is cooked and ready for serving.

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