Fireplace In Your Backyard

Men just love barbecuing. Making barbecues at the backyard does not seem all too girly for me. Don’t you think so, too? I guess barbecuing is one of those, if not the only, household chores that men would like to be responsible for. In fact, I have observed that my wife loves it when I volunteer to do some barbecues. However, I remember there was a time my wife sulked for days when she discovered the « ugly » barbecue grill that I bought. Apparently, my wife thinks it’s too plain. It’s all just bits of metal put together. Well, that was her opinion. I remember that she added it just wasn’t « homey » enough. Needless to say, I vowed that I’ll go looking for the « homiest » barbecue grill that I could find. I intended to give my wife a new barbecue grill as a wedding anniversary present.

Lo and behold! I laid my eyes on Neo Fireplace and Grill. I just knew my wife would love it. Actually, I also fell in love with the machine. How do you feel about a sturdy fireplace located outside you house? Sounds silly, right? Well, the barbecue grill looked like a fireplace. However, you’ll find that it is a barbecue grill made in heaven. Oh wait. It was actually made in the Danish Island of Mors. Check it out and you’ll see what I am blabbering about.

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