Healthy Barbeques

Did you know that grilling meat is older than the oldest civilization in history? That’s right, barbeque has really come along way from the primitive to the modern world. Although times have changed, barbeque remains a constant favorite for people who love doing outdoor cooking. But for health concerns, eating barbecue has been limited to grilling vegetable kebabs that are just boring. But since meat barbecue has been studied to emit cancer-causing substances known as carcinogens (read my article on Barbecue and Your Health), master chefs and even nutritionists have found a way to pig out on barbecue while not at risk for cancer.

The best thing about barbecue is you can try on experimenting your own recipe, use your own ingredients and sauces and still come up with that signature barbecue taste. I think it has something to do with the charcoal grill. Anyways, barbecue now is limitless. You can use tomatoes, aubergine, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, bell pepper, anything as long as its edible. Put these treats in a skewer, brush in some oil and grill. Barbecue is best eaten with side dishes such as coleslaw, green or potato salad. But if you can’t totally get rid of meat, then indulge on it once in a while.

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