Hot Off The Grill Tips

Hosting a barbecue party can be fun– if you don’t burn your house down first. Everbody loves barbecue. The smell of cooking meat, all it’s flowing goodness… what’s not to like? Just thinking about all of that now is making me drool. For barbecue aficionados like myself, the most essential thing to know about grilling isn’t choosing the perfect barbecue recipe, but picking out the perfect grill.

How big should the grill be? The grill factor you must take into consideration while contemplating this question is the number of people for whom you would be cooking for. While the bigger the better, you must also think of the price, and the amount of fuel it would consume and whether you have a place for it in your house or out in the yard. Think also of how often you would be using it. If the answer is ‘frequently’, then choose the one which is built to last. Built to last does not necessarily mean that it is the newest grill model out. Sometimes, the more upmarket a product is, the more parts to clean and ergo, the more parts to wear-out and break. Lastly, use the covered one so you can also use it for cooking in low heat.

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