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Choose your grill brush wisely. Or, simply choose The Grill Wizard Grill Brush that has various features for your convenience. Who says you can’t combine convenience with functionality? This brush is especially designed for grills and it has a round scrub that allows it to clean intricately. You can also use it in hot or, if you want, cold cleaning. The Grill Wizard Grill Brush gives efficient scrubbing and its scrub is replaceable. Grilling is made happier with the right grill brush for you.

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  • Because it’s fast food « barbecue »? I think the new Whoppers sound fantastic (with the possible exception of coleslaw sauce), but my local BK’s all kind of suck. The pulled pork is likely to be the stuff I can buy in a tub at Kroger or even Dollar General… if I’m going out for barbecue, I’m going to a place that smokes their own meat! (We have several of those in town because Tennessee is apparently really big on barbecue.) Putting barbecue sauce on a burger doesn’t make it « barbecue » so if we do for some reason wander into BK again, I’m perfectly willing to try the new Whoppers.

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