How To Get Perfect Marks

Barbecues and grilled food undoubtedly produce better-tasting food than traditional methods do like frying or baking. Barbecues also offer great excuses to get together, drink beer, stuff yourself full, and have fun. But modern barbecues are more than just charred meats over hot coals. I think that with the emergence of barbecue restaurants and fancy barbecue recipes, presentation became a key element in preparing barbecues.

Grill and barbecue marks are considered to be distinct markings of a good barbecue. The patterns of char lines across the piece of steak, chicken, or fish are beautiful and appetizing to behold. We all know how good presentation makes food look and taste better. Getting good grill marks is mistakenly thought of as difficult but it is fairly easy. You only need careful timing and proper technique.

The trick to getting perfect grill marks on all your meats is starting with a very hot grill. Gas grills, require a high temperature setting, closed covers, and a few minutes to get super hot. Charcoal grill users need to allow time for their coals to burn amber white. Thaw refrigerated and marinated meats for at least an hour before grilling. Brush the grill with oil or spray it with a non-stick cooking spray to prevent meat from sticking to it. Sear the meat by placing it on the grill for two minutes without moving or flipping it. After a couple of minutes, position the meat at at an angle for another two minutes. Apply the same technique to the reverse side. Remember to baste the meat with the marinade or special basting sauce to keep it moist. Avoid handling meats frequently to prevent it from drying out. Prepare a good sauce and a complementary side dish to enjoy a true barbecue feast.

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