How to Make Beef Barbecue Patties

Now that summer is just around the corner, it is time once again to have barbeque parties with your families, relatives, and even friends. You have to admit that holding these kinds of events can be fun, but it can be very tiring at the same time. One reason for this is that you always have to serve something new. If you want your friends to taste something new and delicious, then you should definitely serve them the beef barbeque patties.

The ingredients for this delicious home-cooked meal are:

- 500 grams of beef, minced
-One whole onion, chopped
-One cup of breadcrumbs, fresh white
-One egg
-One-fourth cup of Red Wine and Garlic Marinade by Masterfoods
-Eight whole buns for the hamburger
-One cup of lettuce, shredded
-Two whole tomatoes, sliced

To prepare this food, mix the onion, egg, breadcrumbs, and the Red Wine and Garlic Marinade. Make sure that you mix them thoroughly so that the mixture will turn out well. After you have done this, you can now shape them into beef patties. When all of them have already been shaped properly, you can set them aside for at least 30 minutes before you can cook them.

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