Kingfisher Kooker

Since 1938, Kingfisher Kooker has been in the business of making barbeque grills longer than anyone else in the competition. That is why you can trust on the name to give you reliable andconvenient barbeque cooking each time you light up their grills and smokers. The brand is also known for having several world barbeque competition titles by reason of its great craftsmanship and design.

All of the grill units are made of heavy gauge steel that can withstood tech harshest cooking conditions. You have a combination of gas-powered grill and smoker that is very versatile as it can grill, smoke and even steam all in the same grill. That’s what sets them apart from other grill brands. In addition, the units can cook using not only gas, but charcoal, wood and propane. A good example is the 36-inch gas grill/smoker. The unit is built in heavy stainless steel and has a 10-year warranty. It is a heavy-duty cooker that can also be installed on a trailer so you’re ready for the Although, appearance-wise the grill/smoker may not look pleasing but it can definitely do the job and does not take up a lot of space too.

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