Largest Barbecue in the World

You just can’t get enough of barbecue and you eat this dish every so often. I know many people who are like these and actually, some of them do not get that big, contrary to popular notion. But if you’re going to eat the world’s largest barbecue, wouldn’t you think twice? The people of Abilene area in the state of Texas holds the unofficial record of making the world’s largest barbecue. Over 3,000 pounds of barbecue are to be grilled personnels in the military. The event is held every year and all the meals served are free. Free?! Hmm, makes you really think twice, does it not?

Along with the barbecue, the attendees also get to eat sausages, bread, beans, and iced tea for beverage. Over two hundred volunteers are to be tasked to serve the food to the guests and their families. In the previous events, over 10,000 people attended this barbecue feast. Although this year, no number has yet been estimated. The event would be a place for military men and their families to reunite (they get to have family food savings as well, with the free barbecue and all) and for the government to extend their gratitude for their service to the country.

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