Lighting Up Your Grill

I’m pretty sure you’re getting tired reading the same old introduction to our barbecue blog articles. But here’s one that will catch your attention: BARBECUING IS JUST LIKE AN EXTREME SPORT! Skydiving is the sauce, snowboarding is the meat, and bunjee jumping is the grill. Just think of it that way, please. These sports can really take you to higher heights, literally, and so is barbecue.

Now let me go straight to my discussion. Since the title says “Lighting Up Your Grill” then you can probably guess that I am referring to the method of producing fire on your grill with care. Since BBQ grills are a big part of barbecues, we might as well put some focus on it.

It is important to open the hood when lighting your grill, otherwise, you might end up ruining your almost-perfect family cook-out. When the flames start to fire up, take a bit of caution, unless you want to look funny in front of your guests. But if it doesn’t, turn the gas off completely while letting the gas dissipate. Then try your luck again. Don’t be a primitive cave man, so use a lighter to light up the grill. That way, you can save yourself from a day’s stay at the hospital.

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