Pests and Barbeque

Summer time means barbecue time. And since though it’s the best season for barbecue, it’s also the season that pests love. A study by the National Pest Management Association or NPMA shows that 67% of people get bothered by pests especially during the summer season. It is during these hot summer months that pests and insects become very active and hence pose serious threat to our barbecue cookout. The NPMA’s recommendations on driving your pest away during this important event is something to get serious about so read on.

As much as you can, set your BBQ activities indoors. While at first it may look like pests are just roaming around your backyard, they can swarm over your food once it is served. Don’t ruin that perfect cookout by inviting guest-pests. Before firing up your grill, turning the music up and getting into the party mode, remember to clean your backyard (if you must do it outdoors). Remove sources of stagnant water which may be breeding places for mosquitoes. Put leftover food in sealed containers. You don’t want to get infested with ants and flies, do you? Lastly, do not use fragrant candles during the party. It can attract wasps that can sting your guests.

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