Say Goodbye to Rats on your Grills

You woke up one morning salivating over barbecue. You opened the fridge and found that there are marinated baby back ribs in the chiller, screaming at you to pick them up and fire them down on your barbecue grill. Two hours before lunch, you decided to clean up your Weber kettle grill, which has been lying around for months in your garage. As you get nearer that black saucer-like thing, and open the top, two large creepy rodents jumped out of your precious grill; the surprise of your life. Then suddenly you feel like throwing up, not because of the cat-size rats that you surprised frolicking in your grill, but because of the smell that the two rodents left behind. Maybe the ribs are much better baked.

I’ve been through this nightmare so many times. It’s nice that you have your own grill at home. Grills are precious investments but when it’s the same rat scenario over and over again, then maybe you need something to protect your grill from those nasty creatures. Enter the grill liners. These liners are usually made of heavy-duty aluminum, so you don’t have to worry if it can withstand the harshest conditions. It can even drive a mouse away, just kidding. The liners are placed on top of your grill, and you’re ready to cook. Now you’ll never have to worry about rat smell on your ribs and steaks.

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