Seasoning Injector

Yeah, an injector for barbeque sauce may seem quite odd, and you would not probably use it in your recipes. But, I am also sure that you would not want your barbeque to be all dried up. As we grill our food, it naturally releases oils and juices that literally drip on to the charcoal or evaporate in the air. We can do something about that by injecting the food enough fluid so it will not completely dry.

When I said fluid, I meant flavoring. We usually marinate the food before cooking it or if we are in a hurry, we prepare barbeque sauce and brush it on the meat. Though these are pretty good ideas, most of the time, the flavor is not absorbed entirely by the food. The food ends up salty on the outside and tasteless on the inside.

The seasoning injector will enable us to directly put flavorings in the meat so it will immediately contain and absorb the marinade or meat sauce. While cooking, as the natural process of releasing juices and flavors occurs, the meat still has enough stock of fluid, thus sealing the flavor. The injector is strong enough to last for years. It works just like any ordinary syringes.

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