See Beyond The Smoke

I really find it difficult grilling my favorite barbeque recipes when the smoke gets in my eyes. I would rub my eyes, and later I find my self crying over the painful irritation the smoke caused my sight. The smoke turns wherever direction the wind pushes it, so unless I stand opposite its path I cannot fight it back. But, lately my father bought specially crafted glasses for grilling.

He called it the smoke-free glasses. Unlike ordinary glasses, this one protects and seals the eyes from smoke. It is made of plastic, and is so light one would not even notice wearing it while grilling.

The lenses of the glasses have specially-shaped foams that fit and enclose the surrounding eye areas. The design also helps prevent sweat falling from the forehead to the eyes. The person wearing would notice that the glasses only reveal the eyes. It is mainly designed for protection and convenience. The glasses help grillers clearly see the food while cooking. Using this type of glasses will not only safeguard the eyes, but prevent food from getting burned because grillers can freely stay beside the barbeque grill to flip the food without getting irritated by the smoke.

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