Vegan Barbeque

Vegetarians follow a strict diet free from meat like beef, poultry, fish, or their by-products. More and more Americans adhere to this kind of lifestyle because of health reasons. But just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy eating barbeque. There are a lot of alternatives that can give you the taste of real barbeque minus the fat and cholesterol.

Vegan barbeques is the solution. Now you do not have to miss a thing when the grill starts to fire up. You can make your own skewers by mixing vegetables or other alternative meat products to add new dimension to your otherwise boring veggie diet.

Some popular vegetables that can also work well when grilled are mushrooms, small onions, green onions, asparagus, artichoke, zucchini and eggplants. When making these vegetable kabobs, brush on some olive oil to avoid sticking to the grill. Also, it’s better to use wooden skewers instead of metal to avoid the veggies to split in half. For the marinade, you can either use teriyaki marinade or olive oil and lemon marinade (combination of olive oil, lemon juice, and pepper) for the seasoning.

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