Why Smoked is Best

When I was a teenager, I always liked standing next to the grill when the coal starts to fire up. With just a few squirts of lighter fluid to that black thing, the flame eats all the charcoal and the next thing you know your meat is cooked. But if you think that grilling is just that, then your missing the juicy part of the story. It takes some time and a little bit of practice to maintain the flame to cook the meat perfectly. Although grilling is a very easy method of cooking, sometimes you have to watch out how the charcoal is doing to avoid burning your hotdogs or your chicken. You don’t want to eat that burnt part, do you?

Smokers or grills, charcoal or gas, it’s exactly the same thing. It’s still grilling. But hands down to charcoal smokers since they give that distinct smoked flavor into your barbeque. When the juices from your meat starts to drip down to the charcoal, the vapors produce that flavored smoke to your meat. Just be careful not to burn the whole thing. Although the heat can induce the meat’s exterior to caramelize, which tastes good on your barbeque, if it’s burnt it’s not good for yourbody’s health.

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