Wood Sizes

Barbecue has become more than just a style of cooking, it has become an art. Even choosing the accessories, grills and smokers have to follow certain guidelines in order to make the tastiest barbecue there is. Choosing the best wood for cooking barbecue has troubled master barbeque chefs. Of course, they know more than we do. But here are tips that have been tested and proven throughout the years, and their not from master chefs but at least from people who love to barbeque.

If we choose the best premium cuts for our meats than wood should also be chosen with care. There are many available wood and types of wood which may have varying results on the meat that is cooked. When you are using a smoker, always use full-length wood that can exactly fit the smoker’s pit. Two or three pieces of wood can cook meat in a more desirable way and the heat achieved can cook the meat well without burning it. If you’re using a larger grill, you should likewise use full-length wood to fit the pit. Allow the wood to turn into a bed of nicely burning coal, this way the meat can be cooked better making it crispier and juicier. Use smaller-sized wood in smaller smokers or grills. Like I mentioned above, wait till the wood burns to a good bed of charcoal. Just have enough wood because the cooking can take quite long.

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