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History Of A Famous Sauce

quick Internet search told me that the sauce was first bottled in England, particularly in Worcester. It is originally an Indian recipe brought back to England by the legendary Lord Marcus Sandys. There were rumors that the sauce was stored in a barrel for a long time because the makers didn’t like it’s taste at first. After a few months, they tasted the sauce again and what they tasted was a wonderful sauce. The makers, by the way, were Messrs Lea and Perrins.

Spicy French Barbecue Ribs

I was hanging out in the mall last weekend and found myself watching a cooking demonstration of barbecues. I positioned myself in front of the cook who was making a spicy barbecue spareribs recipe. The grilled meat smelled like the steaks served in fancy French restaurants which are always packed during Valentines day. I never had a chance to visit France, but my brain insists that the smell of the barbecue and French steaks are the same.

Ingredients Not From France

The cook, expert on authentic French cuisine, insisted on giving the ingredients in ounces and pints, which is confusing. I took a copy of the recipe— the pints were digitally converted to milliliters. My brain said it was easier to migrate to France. Here are the ingredients of the said recipe:

2 kilograms of pork or beef spareribs
A tablespoon of cane vinegar
A teaspoon of Tabasco and dried mustard
Two tablespoons of brown sugar
Two tablespoon of Worcestershire

Easy Steps For Barbecue Cum French Steak

Boil ribs for ten minutes until tender, then drain on a wax paper. Grill ribs as usual. Mix vinegar and sugar and stir mixture until sugar dissolves. Add the rest of the ingredients and let it simmer for ten minutes. Marinate ribs with the spicy sauce then grill for another five to ten minutes until they look and smell like French steaks. Serve ribs in a platter then pour the sauce all over the ribs.

Barbecue Furniture For My Green Garden

If my sister will have her way, you can visit our dwelling and watch me as I walk in and out of the house thinking where to find the perfect barbecue pit. I’ve always wanted a pit that I can use in my garden and leave it there after the barbecue party. But the malady here is that I can’t find a product that will not ruin the design of my greenery.

Garden Factory

I made a quick Internet search and among the many sites that appeared, the web gave me the Garden factory. The company is actually a maker of gardening products for almost 10 years, since 1997. It is actually a sister company of the Cannock Gates, which is based in the United Kingdom. I searched the website and I found the product that will end the woes of barbecue and garden lovers like me.

The Garden Factory Grill

The whole product looks like the traditional cauldron that people in the 70s used to brew coffee in. I liked it at once because it’s not too small to look like a bird feeder, and not overly large to cover my entire garden. It is made from iron with hooked grills on the corners to hold the grill itself. Seeing the product’s image, I know I wouldn’t have a hard time grilling meat and vegetables on my next barbecue party.

Safety Tips on Grilling

The fun of barbecueing and the tasty grilled food can be alluring that safety measures are often overlooked. Yet this should be avoided. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that barbecueing and other warm-weather activities could result to serious injuries if people failed to follow some safety procedures

Checking Your Gas Grills

It’s important to make several precautions when you are operating your gas grill or propane tank. Before grilling, check the cylinder for any bulge, dent, gouge, leak or any sign of extreme rusting. If you find any of these, then it’s time for you to replace your equipment before anything bad happens.

Barbeque Road Trip

Families can only spend some quality time together during school breaks and long vacations. What better way to spend it than going on a road trip. But if you want to stay full even when you’re outside the comfort of your home, you can bring your grill on the trip. The best that I could probably recommend is the Weber Smokey Joe grill. I must say it’s perfect for road trips and any outdoor grilling activity.

There’s a lot of small kettle grills in the market nowadays, but the Smokey Joe is just perfect. You may consider a cheaper brand, but after a few uses you’ll find that it’s not durable enough for outdoor cooking much less a road trip. The travel grill from Weber has outperformed all other cheaper grills I’ve had in the past. It makes cooking much easier and it is very durable. The bucket piece is great. It’s small but cooks meat evenly. You can get that smoked taste you want from your barbecue in less than the time. And since it is made of high-grade US steel, it’s sure to last 10 or more road trips in your lifetime. Unlike other travel grills, those made from US steel can withstand harsh cooking conditions. The porcelain enamel finish is also a great plus. You need not repaint the grill every time it gets worn. And that’s what makes the Smokey Joe a great investment.