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Grilled Pineapple Slices

This recipe is easy to do, very ideal for all women who are practicing to grill for their lovers. You cannot really resist it once you try it. I tell you, he will crave for this food and would probably wish that the day never ends. It’s also ideal for your children since it’s a healthy recipe. With a little cinnamon, it is yummy to the nose,too.


1 pineapple (Make sure it’s fresh because you won’t be able to cook it if it’s rotten. Duh! Peel it. Duh again! Cut them into rings and make sure it’s cored.)
¼ cup of coconut milk (Warning: Do not climb a coconut tree. It’s dangerous to your health. Tinned coconut milk is available in the market.)
½ cup cinnamon sugar (Hmm…yummy smell!)
See? All you need are these three ingredients for that delicious grilling masterpiece.


1)Preheat the grill. If it’s already hot, time to oil that grate.
2)Dip those pineapple slices into a cup of coconut milk. After that you can coat them with cinnamon sugar.
3)6 minutes is enough for the grilling of your yummylicious pineapple slices. Put them on a plate and serve it to your craving family right away. (Before you eat all the pineapple slices up!)
Your cooking masterpiece is ready within 22 minutes. So, while you are grilling, your hubby can teach electric guitar to your little boy or they can play PS2 games.

Scrub Those Dirts Away

Grilling needs special attention because it is an intricate way of cooking. A grilling station is part of an American house as well as having picnic at the backyard. This is usually considered by families as a family bonding activity to improve family relationship. So to all you grillers out there, we must love our griller and take good care of them by applying regular maintenance such as cleaning to prevent rust and disfunctionality.

Grilling Brush

One way of maintaining a rust-free griller is to brush it regularly. A grilling brush cleans away unnecessary dirts like rusts and coal residues. It will also help if your brush is durable enough to last for a long time because it is not easy to clean a griller. It takes patience to be able to make your griller look new again. Brushing will also shed those carcinogenic substances from grill residues that cause fatal cancer.

How to choose

Choose your grill brush wisely. Or, simply choose The Grill Wizard Grill Brush that has various features for your convenience. Who says you can’t combine convenience with functionality? This brush is especially designed for grills and it has a round scrub that allows it to clean intricately. You can also use it in hot or, if you want, cold cleaning. The Grill Wizard Grill Brush gives efficient scrubbing and its scrub is replaceable. Grilling is made happier with the right grill brush for you.

The Art Of Barbecue Painting

A good friend once told me that a barbecue is like a good painting. The colors or the paint must be spread to the vital sections of the image to make it a masterpiece. Likewise in barbecues or any grilled meat, the marinade must be applied evenly to the meat to make it look flavorful and savory. One must be armed with a good brush and should know the proper brushstrokes used in grilling. But how to choose the right brush can be a problem if you haven’t used any before.

Keeping The Bottle Brush Clean

The word brush refers to a wide collection of devices commonly with bristles, wire, and other filament of any possible material. A good barbecue brush should have bristles that are attached firmly to the ferrule. The Sauce Basting Brush by the Companion Group is a great accomplice if you want to produce tasty grilled cuts of meat. Simply put the marinade into the bottle, twist the lid of the brush, then paint your way to the tastiest barbecue that your family will love.

Where Is The Worcestershire

Guess this: It’s a thin, dark, and pleasantly pungent sauce that you commonly use to season soups, vegetable juices, and meats. It’s Worcestershire sauce, that’s right! The famous sauce also known as Worcester is actually a mixture of garlic, molasses, chili peppers, soy sauce, onions, tamarind, lime, vinegar, anchovies, and other spices. It is an indispensable ingredient in Ceasar salad and beef steaks. Some said it’s also used to make wines and brandy like Bloody Mary.

Saucy Worcester Story

It is my personal belief that the people who can make the perfect barbecue are the same people who do rigid researches about the perfect barbecue’s main ingredients. I’m not talking about the meat or ribs okay. I’m referring to the ingredients that compose the sauces or marinade. My sauces, I realized the other day, had ceased to become a food feature and were approaching the status of an actual poisonous liquid.