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Poulet Grillé au Gingembre

Pour 2-4 plats

Ingrédients :recipe_poulet-grille_i166_800x1200

  • 1 Poulet de 1Kg250 à 1Kg500, coupé en deux (enlever la colonne vertébrale)
  • Sel et poivre noir fraîchement moulu
  • ¼ tasse de jus de citron frais
  • 2 c. huile d’olive
  • ½ c. de thym séché
  • 1 feuille de laurier émietté
  • 1 gousse d’ail hachée
  • 1 morceau de gingembre de 2,5cm, pelé et haché
  • 3 c. de beurre non salé fondu


1.  Assaisonner le poulet de sel et de poivre. Mélanger le jus de citron, l’huile, le thym, le laurier, l’ail et le gingembre dans un bol; ajouter le poulet et mélanger pour bien enrober. Couvrir d’un film plastique; laisser au réfrigérateur pendant 2 à 4 heures.

2.  Chauffer un grille à charbon ou à gaz, faire griller le poulet environ 35min, en retournant au besoin, jusqu’à ce que ce soit bien cuit et légèrement carbonisé. Servir dans un plat et arroser de beurre fondu.

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Chicken and shrimp kabobs video

Look at this video and make great chicken and shrimp kabobs for your next barbecue party!

Barbeque Road Trip

Families can only spend some quality time together during school breaks and long vacations. What better way to spend it than going on a road trip. But if you want to stay full even when you’re outside the comfort of your home, you can bring your grill on the trip. The best that I could probably recommend is the Weber Smokey Joe grill. I must say it’s perfect for road trips and any outdoor grilling activity.

There’s a lot of small kettle grills in the market nowadays, but the Smokey Joe is just perfect. You may consider a cheaper brand, but after a few uses you’ll find that it’s not durable enough for outdoor cooking much less a road trip. The travel grill from Weber has outperformed all other cheaper grills I’ve had in the past. It makes cooking much easier and it is very durable. The bucket piece is great. It’s small but cooks meat evenly. You can get that smoked taste you want from your barbecue in less than the time. And since it is made of high-grade US steel, it’s sure to last 10 or more road trips in your lifetime. Unlike other travel grills, those made from US steel can withstand harsh cooking conditions. The porcelain enamel finish is also a great plus. You need not repaint the grill every time it gets worn. And that’s what makes the Smokey Joe a great investment.

Fireplace In Your Backyard

Men just love barbecuing. Making barbecues at the backyard does not seem all too girly for me. Don’t you think so, too? I guess barbecuing is one of those, if not the only, household chores that men would like to be responsible for. In fact, I have observed that my wife loves it when I volunteer to do some barbecues. However, I remember there was a time my wife sulked for days when she discovered the “ugly” barbecue grill that I bought. Apparently, my wife thinks it’s too plain. It’s all just bits of metal put together. Well, that was her opinion. I remember that she added it just wasn’t “homey” enough. Needless to say, I vowed that I’ll go looking for the “homiest” barbecue grill that I could find. I intended to give my wife a new barbecue grill as a wedding anniversary present.

Lo and behold! I laid my eyes on Neo Fireplace and Grill. I just knew my wife would love it. Actually, I also fell in love with the machine. How do you feel about a sturdy fireplace located outside you house? Sounds silly, right? Well, the barbecue grill looked like a fireplace. However, you’ll find that it is a barbecue grill made in heaven. Oh wait. It was actually made in the Danish Island of Mors. Check it out and you’ll see what I am blabbering about.

Everdure Barbecue Grills

An outdoor barbecue party has never been complete without your barbecue grill. Grills are fast becoming household investments these days, especially since summer is coming. The best grills to complement each home are the Everdure barbecue grills by Shriro. These Australian-made grills are very stylish yet functional.

If you want to turn yourself into a high-class gourmet chef, the Everdure barbecue will treat you like one. No more messy cooking, no more of the nasty smoke getting in your eyes because these grills are very user-friendly. Whether you’re preparing burgers for the kids or a steak for your friends nothing beats these grills. You can griddle, smoke, stir-fry and of course char-grill.

The range looks very contemporary and the streamlined design is a perfect addition to your stainless steel kitchen appliances. These grills are made using the highest-quality materials; from stainless steel to frosted glass. Materials that are meant to withstand and resist outdoor elements. It’s safe to cook in your patio or garden, or anywhere you wish to barbecue. Everdure range of grills consists of 8 amazingly unique designs each one with serves a great cooking purpose. The best designs are the Brunswick, Kimberly and Stirling. These 3 outstanding designs are Everdure’s top-selling barbecue grills.