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Spicy French Barbecue Ribs

I was hanging out in the mall last weekend and found myself watching a cooking demonstration of barbecues. I positioned myself in front of the cook who was making a spicy barbecue spareribs recipe. The grilled meat smelled like the steaks served in fancy French restaurants which are always packed during Valentines day. I never had a chance to visit France, but my brain insists that the smell of the barbecue and French steaks are the same.

Ingredients Not From France

The cook, expert on authentic French cuisine, insisted on giving the ingredients in ounces and pints, which is confusing. I took a copy of the recipe— the pints were digitally converted to milliliters. My brain said it was easier to migrate to France. Here are the ingredients of the said recipe:

2 kilograms of pork or beef spareribs
A tablespoon of cane vinegar
A teaspoon of Tabasco and dried mustard
Two tablespoons of brown sugar
Two tablespoon of Worcestershire

Easy Steps For Barbecue Cum French Steak

Boil ribs for ten minutes until tender, then drain on a wax paper. Grill ribs as usual. Mix vinegar and sugar and stir mixture until sugar dissolves. Add the rest of the ingredients and let it simmer for ten minutes. Marinate ribs with the spicy sauce then grill for another five to ten minutes until they look and smell like French steaks. Serve ribs in a platter then pour the sauce all over the ribs.

Spicy French Barbecue Ribs

Hot and Spicy Baby Back Ribs

Barbecue is quite a controversial dish. And why not, it has had millions of followers around the world, all devoted to barbecue. They worship it, give honor to it and even establish festivals and fiestas in commemoration of their one and only favorite barbecue. Barbecue has come a long way. Recipes have also been concocted and cookouts have been made more fun. Ribs have always been a staple meat in any barbecue recipe. Here’s one that can go from a simple cookout with the family to a grandiose party with friends: the Hot ‘n Spicy Baby Back Ribs. You will need

7 pound Beef back ribs
3/4 cup Water, divided
1 cup Ketchup
2 tablespoons Lemon juice
1 teaspoon Ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon Hot pepper sauce
1/2 To 1 – teaspoon crushed red-pepper

Place each slab of ribs, meat side down, in center of double thick rectangle of heavy aluminum foil. Sprinkle 2 Tbsp water over rib bones. To form packets, bring 2 opposite sides of foil together over top of ribs. Fold edges over 3 to 4 times, pressing crease in tightly each time. (Allow some air space. )Flatten foil at 1 end, crease to form triangle and fold over several times toward package, pressing tightly to seal. Repeat procedure on other end. Place packets on grid directly over low to medium coals. Place cover on cooker; cook 1 1/2 hours, turning packets every 1/2 hour. Meanwhile, combine ketchup, remaining 1/2 cup water, lemon juice, cinnamon, hot pepper sauce and crushed red pepper in small saucepan. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and cook slowly 10 to 12 minutes. Remove ribs from foil packets. Place on grid over medium coals; broil 30 to 40 minutes, turning and brushing with sauce, occasionally. Serve remaining sauce with ribs.

Best Rub for Ribs

Barbecue ribs are not only savory dishes its more of an art form. Recipes of this type make use of different ingredients and cooking techniques just like art is the fusion of many elements. We’ve got the Memphis style, Kansas style, California style and so on. The most distinctive part of a barbecue rib recipe is the rub used to season the barbecue. One can go for a sweet rub, or spicy rub, anything that suits your palate. Choosing which rub to use to spread to your ribs might seem like an obstinate task but for someone who loves barbecue it might be a fun experiment to do just don’t bloat yourself.

Take into consideration the flavor of rub that your family has got used to. Or if you’re still not sure try using simple ingredients or spices, turn them into your own barbecue rub version and each time you feel like barbecuing add another ingredient in the list until you perfect you creation. You might find a dozen of rubs in the supermarket but nothing beats home-style rubs. Remember that the best rubs is the world are the rubs that you make yourself, whether it may be wet or dry. Rib barbecue is twice exciting when used with a rub that exudes just the right flavor, not too sweet and not too spicy.

BBQ Riblets

Ribs are getting pretty popular these days. As a matter of fact millions of pounds of ribs are sold around the world every month. Not bad for this barbeque favorite. Likewise, rib parts are gaining their much-deserved attention, since many restaurants, butchers, and supermarkets are out on a frenzy just to give each rib part a catchy name. And so came the riblets, a much under-used rib part which soon found its way into the meat section of your neighborhood supermarket.

The riblets are cut from back of the spare ribs top straighten them out. These parts were usually thrown out in large piles but now they are readily available in many stores. No matter what the occasion, riblets are added to make a great dish. And of course, we can grill riblets to produce zesty barbeques. Here’s a barbeque recipe that will surely leave every mouth craving for more. You will need

2 pounds riblets
2 cups Barbeque sauce
1 cup water
2 tablespoons liquid smoke
2 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste

First, you will have to season the riblets with salt, pepper and garlic. Place the ribs in a medium hot grill and turn it on each side until they are completely done. Put the riblets in a broiler pan and place it in an oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 to 5 hours. Brush the ribs with generous amounts of barbeque sauce.

Things You Need To Know About Ribs

Ribs are one of the more popular grilled food items. A barbecue would not be complete if ribs are not in the menu. These small bone pieces that are cut from the rib racks of cattle or swine are great as barbecue appetizers. Before the potential of ribs as a tasty food item was discovered, they were often thrown out in the garbage. Now, things have changed and people enjoy ribs as part of their meal. Several restaurants, butchers, and meat shops exploit the popularity of ribs by making anything out of them. Ribs are easy to prepare, is very affordable, meaty and quite tasty.

There are several ways to prepare ribs, but the most important thing to remember is that they cook fairly easily. The safest and best way to grill ribs is at a slow pace on a low fire. A small charcoal fire would suffice for these tasty treats. You may choose whether to use seasoning or barbecue sauce for your ribs. If you want to season your ribs, just a sprinkle or a good rub will do. If you want to use barbecue sauce, it is suggested that you apply some just before the ribs are done.

On Grilling Ribs

Before grilling ribsthe best preparation you can do is to have it pre-cooked first. This will ensure that your ribs are thoroughly cooked. Either simmer it for 20 minutes in water or put it in water and place it on a microwave on high for 20 minutes.

When grilling, be sure to brush ribs generally with barbeque sauce. This will make sure grilled ribs will be much tastier. Keep the grill’s fire on medium, too much heat may burn your ribs.

Tasty Ribs

Among the meat parts, I enjoy barbequing the ribs. Although the meat in a rib is not as generous as in the other parts, barbequed ribs are still a tasty treat. According to some barbeque experts, the secret to the rib barbeque is the marinade.

Since the meat is thin, the flavor of the marinade easily penetrates; it is good to marinade the meat for long hours before barbequing. Some also chill the marinade ribs to further enhance the flavor. No matter what, the ribs will always be an all time hit when barbeque is being talked about.