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Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker

Do you enjoy smoking? Well, everybody’s telling you to stop it but I’m here to tell you not to stop it. Go on and smoke all your life. Your whole family would love you for it. Just be sure that you’re using the latest and the perfect smoker like Cookshack new grilling product called AmeriQue. Apparently it is especially made for barbecue lovers and grilling connoiseur. This is made for your family’s cravings stomachs (just like mine right now).

Smoke Like A Pro

Trying hard smokers are losers! Don’t do it if you cannot because it will only turn out bad. This new Cookshack smoker is an innovative technology that allows you to grill inside your house without smoking the entire area. Before, this product was only available to pro chefs but Cookshack wants to share this new facility to home-smokers. It is a silver smoker that gives a restaurant quality to your barbecue that you can make it a business. Just be sure you know about managing a business.

Customize Your Grilling Machines With Austin

I’ve read something wonderful this morning. Our favorite barbecue is considered as comfort food by many dietitians, health care providers, and some culinary experts. I agree with them wholeheartedly. Whenever I eat grilled ribs, I feel like all my worries are ebbing away. This is because my brain focuses on the taste of the food and not on my office maladies.

But not all barbecues give that comforting feeling. I’m speaking here of foul-smelling and evil-tasting grilled meat. But don’t worry, such nasty things can only happen to our food when we use a low-quality smoker or barbecue pit. I suggest you buy a grilling machine that is out of the ordinary just like the Rotisserie BBQ Smokers by Austin National. This machine allows a cook to use either wood, charcoal, and water for grilling. The pit is so user-friendly that makes controlling the smoke and heat a no-brainer. It is packaged with a collection of dampers in its smokestack and is painted with acrylics that can stand the heat. I like the doors because they’re so wide that makes cleaning the firebox a breeze. If you’re interested in buying your own customized smoker, you can contact the company at their phone number:(317) 714-1679 or

Carcinogen Sauces And Commercials

My friend Gemma goes to a barbecue store that has a TV mounted on the wall just beside the door. She comes home talking about carcinogen-causing cancer found in grilled meat. Apparently, she saw a documentary on Discovery Channel while the shop assistant packed barbecue sauces that she ordered. Thanks to Gemma, I linked barbecue sauces with cancer that I never marinated my barbecues anymore.

I went to my favorite barbecue shop this month, after five long years, and I was delighted when I saw a high definition TV mounted on the shop’s wall. A commercial about cancers was aired and the pit BBQ smoker called Andy’s, which claimed to be the best way to get a healthy grill. “You can regulate the heat and smoke to make sure you’ll have the perfect barbecue without the charcoals. It also has large doors made of glass for comfortable cleaning and access to the firebox.” explained the commercial, and at the same time not explaining anything.

But there’s really nothing to worry about getting cancer from barbecue because according to Gemma, overly grilled meat (see: burnt) can cause the carcinogens. Thus, you have to make sure you just grill them under the right amount of heat and smoke. And Gemma, by the way, is a physician who deals with women suffering breast cancers.

Kingfisher Kooker

Since 1938, Kingfisher Kooker has been in the business of making barbeque grills longer than anyone else in the competition. That is why you can trust on the name to give you reliable andconvenient barbeque cooking each time you light up their grills and smokers. The brand is also known for having several world barbeque competition titles by reason of its great craftsmanship and design.

All of the grill units are made of heavy gauge steel that can withstood tech harshest cooking conditions. You have a combination of gas-powered grill and smoker that is very versatile as it can grill, smoke and even steam all in the same grill. That’s what sets them apart from other grill brands. In addition, the units can cook using not only gas, but charcoal, wood and propane. A good example is the 36-inch gas grill/smoker. The unit is built in heavy stainless steel and has a 10-year warranty. It is a heavy-duty cooker that can also be installed on a trailer so you’re ready for the Although, appearance-wise the grill/smoker may not look pleasing but it can definitely do the job and does not take up a lot of space too.

Bradley BBQ Smokers

For all those who don’t know what a barbecue smoker , it is a type of grill that makes use of special elements to give the meat a unique smoke flavor and aroma. These elements may be moisture, scent of the wood, and not to forget, heat. Barbecue smokers are the best way to cook meat and ribs that are far from the conventional barbecue we have gotten used to.

A good example of a barbecue smoker is the Original Bradley Smoker. It’s a unique smoker that regulates the amount of smoke using a smoke generator so it can cook your food the way you like it. It produces clean and fresh smoke unlike electric smokers and does not produce resins and acids that can give a bad taste to your food and harm your health. When cooking barbecue through the Bradley Smoker, you’ll notice a different, more inviting taste and aroma to your meat. The meat taste much better without any bad aftertaste. Since the smoke generator produces continuous smoke for eight hours, you need not attend to it every now and them. Summer is the perfect time to cook barbecue and it’s also the perfect time to buy a Bradley smoker.

Why Smoked is Best

When I was a teenager, I always liked standing next to the grill when the coal starts to fire up. With just a few squirts of lighter fluid to that black thing, the flame eats all the charcoal and the next thing you know your meat is cooked. But if you think that grilling is just that, then your missing the juicy part of the story. It takes some time and a little bit of practice to maintain the flame to cook the meat perfectly. Although grilling is a very easy method of cooking, sometimes you have to watch out how the charcoal is doing to avoid burning your hotdogs or your chicken. You don’t want to eat that burnt part, do you?

Smokers or grills, charcoal or gas, it’s exactly the same thing. It’s still grilling. But hands down to charcoal smokers since they give that distinct smoked flavor into your barbeque. When the juices from your meat starts to drip down to the charcoal, the vapors produce that flavored smoke to your meat. Just be careful not to burn the whole thing. Although the heat can induce the meat’s exterior to caramelize, which tastes good on your barbeque, if it’s burnt it’s not good for yourbody’s health.

Maintenance Tips for your BBQ Smoker

A lot of traditionalists still go for the good old flavor of smoked barbeque because of the delectable smokey flavor and the tenderness of the meat. If you want to get serious about smoked barbeque then you should opt for a barbeque smoker. The moment you purchase your own smoker, you would have to put a great deal of care to maintain your equipment.

A barbeque smoker is a good investment for families who are fond of picnics and cookouts, you must likewise invest time for repairs, cleaning and repainting because a smoker that is cleaned regularly can give you the best tasting smoked barbeque.

To prevent your smoker from rusting you have to season it with oil from time to time. Coat the inside surface with any kind of oil and thereafter heat that oil to minimally high temperature at around 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit to allow it to seep into the metal surface. Clean the smoker immediately after use to avoid the build-up of ash because if it absorbs water it can cause rusting. If you see any rust formation, you need to scrub it out using a metal brush and after which you need to repaint the smoker with heat-resistant paint.

Wood Burning Smoker

Wood burning smokers use charcoal, wood, or wood pellets to slowly cook a variety of meat. Larger cuts of meat, such as slabs of ribs, briskets, loin roasts or butt and shoulder cuts are ideal in wood smoker. Both beef and pork are popular choices to cook in a wood burning smoker as are whole chickens and turkeys.

It has three parts which are the cooking chamber, the area where the meat to be cooked is place; the firebox, which is the source of heat to cook the meats. It is located to one side or the other of the cooking chamber; the smoke chimney is usually located in the opposite side of the firebox. It is designed to keep the heat temperature and allows the free flow of air that helps keep the fire stoked.

You can save money because you don’t need to buy unlike other cooking materials. This kind of grill is the most affordable one. You can personally make it out of a trash can or a large piece of metal. Unlike other cooking grills, cooking of meat requires time because it is cooked indirectly from heat. Although it is time consuming, the cooked meat is very tender and flavorful one.

Choosing your Smoker

Smokers are great if you love the taste of smoked meat. I just can’t get enough of it, so I decided to buy my very own smoker. Smokers come in different shapes, sizes and prices. Smokers use different fuels; charcoal, gas, wood or electric. Before buying a smoker, first decide which fuel you prefer because it does affect the taste if your barbecue.

Charcoal and wood smokers give you that authentic barbecue taste. However, it time consuming because you have to tend the fire manually before you can start smoking. If you don’t have the patience, then go with the gas or electric smokers.

A constant concern when purchasing items and appliances is the price of the product. If you’re on a tight budget or a novice in smoking, it is recommended that you go for low costing smokers. Smaller smokers are a good way to start out with, and if you enjoy smoking your favorite cuts of meat you could always buy bigger equipment later, that is if you have the budget. Now if you don’t have financial troubles, then by all means go out and buy the best smoker out there. They may cost up to a thousand dollars but you can smoke a lot of food at the same time.