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(Français) Tout comprendre des barbecues

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(Français) Lorsque les sauces s’en mêlent

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(Français) La sauce barbecue un mélange de saveurs étoffées.

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(Français) Barbecue, une cuisson diététique pour l’été

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(Français) Le cru aliment entier et savoureux

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Boys Burned By Barbecue

While barbecue may sound like a fun activity, it’s not free from perils. A family can delight having a barbecue party in their own backyard complete with all the materials and accessories to make for a perfect summer bonding activity, but that doesn’t guarantee any untoward incident from happening, especially when there are toddlers playing around.

Two brothers from Southampton in the UK got serious burns on their bodies after the barbecue exploded. Apparently, petrol was used to light up the fire but due tolack of care, flames started to explode from the barbecue grill. A 13-year-old boy and his 6-year-old brother were rushed for the hospital for burns on their faces, arms, legs, and body. The accident also affected a man who was trying to put off the flames, while another boy got slight burns in his neck. They were all rushed to the hospital for treatment.

What does this event teaches us? Barbecue is best done safely and far from any accidents. Do not used petrol when lighting up your charcoals or wood. And most importantly, keep children away from the barbecue or else they will suffer the same fate as these two boys.

Memorial Day for Barbecue

If you think this is about having a special day for barbecue, well, yeah it is. But, on the record, there is no such thing as a memorial day for barbecue. I am merely talking about Memorial Day for a barbecue gathering.

Barbecue is probably a good excuse for people to get together for a day of fun-field activities in the Memorial Day weekend at Kansas City. The City hosted an event, the Great American Barbecue, filled with food, contests, and music. The barbecue competition certainly gave the contestants a shot at the big prizes.

Some of the contenders in the competition walked home with a pocket full of money. The grand prize is a whopping $10,000. Not bad for a barbecue contest, huh? Contest categories include: the Sauce , Baste and Rub Contest; Kingsford Grill Contest for amateurs; Kidz Cue Contest featuring kids between 5 and 15 years old; Barbecue Open Contest featuring competing barbecue teams; and the Famous Dave’s Invitational. All of these contests have big prizes at stake.

The event’s center of attraction was definitely barbecue. Thousands of people flocked to Kansas City, both locals and tourists, to see what made Kansas barbecue one of the best in America. The weekend gathering was made much more exciting with the musical performances of invited guests, performing a variety of musical numbers from country, jazz to rock.

Books for BBQ Fans

A little knowledge of barbecue doesn’t hurt especially if you’re not a seasoned veteran. For some reason you read recipes, tips, tricks, and the latest headlines relating to barbecue, but why the heck do you still cook that way. barbecue is a ceremonial event, it was and will always be. Summer has never been so much fun without having a barbecue cook out. This may probably be your best excuse for getting the juicy details on how to cook the perfect-tasting barbecue without burning your hands.

If you’re done reading my articles, and I’m sure you’re not quite full yet, its time to hit your nearest bookstore for the juiciest books and how-to’s about barbecue. First on your list is Smoke & Spice: Cooking with Smoke, the Real Way to Barbecue by Cheryl Alters Jamison. This BBQ book has sold over half a million copies. It has everything you need to know about barbecue from mouthwatering recipes, information and tips on cooking barbecue and a lot more. If there’s a book that you have to have in your kitchen library, than it has to be this. Second, The barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen. Like the other book, it also has everything and anything you need to know about barbecuing and grilling as well. Now that you’ve armed yourself with a handy BBQ cookbook, it’s time to fire the grills up.

Blooming Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival

The show went on in the presence of thousands of barbecue fans of the Bloomin’ Barbecue and Bluegrass Festival whilst the terribly bad weather. Residents as well as tourists rushed to Sevierville, Tennessee for some fun and frolicking. The festival was true to its name as barbecue cooking contests were held in different categories. Teams from all over the country, all experts in barbecue cooking, rallied in cooking the best chicken, pork, brisket, ribs, sausages as well as desserts. Meanwhile, others enjoyed the abundant food served in food booths and delighted in the other fun activities that make the festival famous in Tennessee. I, for one, could not have cared less; as long as there are lots of food to grab and take hold of, the gathering could have been the best party ever!

While barbecue cooking may be the highlight of the festival, there are also other competitions that locals got engaged in. The festival displayed new talents in the Mountain Soul Vocal Competition. Contenders from all over sang their lungs out to the delight of the audience. Although the festival is still young, the recent one is its second year, the festival organizers namely the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce expects that the festival will grow each year as more and more people come to join the fun.

Largest Barbecue in the World

You just can’t get enough of barbecue and you eat this dish every so often. I know many people who are like these and actually, some of them do not get that big, contrary to popular notion. But if you’re going to eat the world’s largest barbecue, wouldn’t you think twice? The people of Abilene area in the state of Texas holds the unofficial record of making the world’s largest barbecue. Over 3,000 pounds of barbecue are to be grilled personnels in the military. The event is held every year and all the meals served are free. Free?! Hmm, makes you really think twice, does it not?

Along with the barbecue, the attendees also get to eat sausages, bread, beans, and iced tea for beverage. Over two hundred volunteers are to be tasked to serve the food to the guests and their families. In the previous events, over 10,000 people attended this barbecue feast. Although this year, no number has yet been estimated. The event would be a place for military men and their families to reunite (they get to have family food savings as well, with the free barbecue and all) and for the government to extend their gratitude for their service to the country.